D.C. approves medical marijuana

The New York Times recently reported that the District of Columbia Council voted last week to “allow doctors to recommend marijuana for people who are infected with H.I.V., as well as people with glaucoma, cancer or a ‘chronic and lasting disease.'”

So…how does this bode for the country? It’s highly unlikely the measure would be shot down à la gay marriage — there’s not enough fervor behind denying pain relief to those who are dying a slow, painful death. But could we possibly be heading in the direction of widespread regulation of the drug, the use of which is arguably much less damaging than cigarettes (hell, it’s a prescription for the very disease caused by the cancer sticks)? Could it be?

One of the event’s sponsors, David Catania, seems to think so. He called the D.C. plan “a thoughtful approach toward implementing a medical marijuana program that will be a model for other states that will be defensible before Congress.”

To the states: Provided this passes, the capital will join the ranks of 14 states with legal marijuana dispensaries. It’s up to the rest of you to take D.C.’s lead and follow suit.

(Read up on the issue’s journey to approval in an earlier post, entitled Aaaaat laaaaaaaaast.)

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